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Products that are kind to you and the planet

Sustainable Efficacy

SIMPLY THIS Ecological Formulation System (EFS) reactivates the inner power of skin ecosystem to realize a sustainable skin health homeostasis.

Sustainable Ecosystem

Not only care for the Skin Ecosystem, but also the Natural Ecosystem. ST has strived to fulfill our corporate responsibility by exploring sustainable skincare possibilities.

Sustainable Consumption

Instead of creating unnecessary demand or offering extensive promotions, ST rewards customers with direct discounts and more flexible shopping choices.

Net-Zero Carbon Skincare Project

From emulsification to fragrance, ecological friendliness to the skin is our basic principle. This hold also extends to the environment. Sustain the ones who sustain you. A little kindness is never little.

1. Eco-friendly Ingredients

The same name in the ingredient list can mean different production processes and costs. Behind everyday choices and actions is a hidden reflection of our attitude toward the world.

2. Refillable Packaging

SIMPLY THIS is the first skincare brand in China with replaceable packaging. One probiotic cream replacement pack can save about 55 grams of plastic, 50% of the weight of the regular pack. By replacing 30,000 items per year, we can save up to 2.75 tons of plastic.

3. Recyclable Packaging

The sugar cane paper box of each SIMPLY THIS product is made with bagasse left over from production, more environmentally friendly than traditional packaging.

4. Sustainable Printing

Soy ink comes from sustainable renewable resources and is biodegradable after disposal. With the development of new printing technologies, we can now use environmentally-friendly materials to create more beautiful work.

5. Green Electricity

The electricity used by SIMPLY THIS is clean, renewable energy. The production process is environmentally friendly because it emits nearly zero carbon dioxide.

6. Net-Zero Carbon Initiative

SIMPLY THIS established two sustainability planting base in Liangshan, Sichuan, China. The trees we planted offset the carbon dioxide emissions of 53000 skincare products each year.

Net-Zero Carbon Planting Bases in Liangshan, Sichuan