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The Ecological Power of Network Pharmacology

The Ecological Power of Network Pharmacology

At SIMPLY THIS, we perceive the skin as a vibrant ecosystem that intricately intertwined with the laws of nature. A waltz of order and integration, creating a delicate balance. Our understanding of skin and our approach to skincare, is also an ever-evolving, dynamic process of continuous refinement.

Introducing the EFS (Ecological Formulation System):

In conjunction with the Skin Care Ecology, the Ecological formulation system (EFS) emerges as a pivotal force, seamlessly bridging the metaphysical understanding of the skin and the art of formulations and development.
It serves as a guiding light, propelling us from profound insights into skin to the practical product creation.

Unveiling a Global Perspective:

Beyond a partial view of surface-level understanding of skin traits, we embrace a comprehensive view - ones that unveils the complex network of correlations underlying each characteristic.
Pioneering the use of network pharmacology tools, we leverage the principles of systems biology and bioinformatics.
Through meticulous research, cutting-edge literature analysis, and aggregation of multiple biological databases, we gain profound insights into the intricate relationships between traits, pathways, targets, and components.

Achieving Synergy and Efficacy:

Our goal is to establish a harmonious interface between the skin and its components via a systematic approach, with "multi-component, multi-pathway, multi-target" regulation, guided by the interconnectedness of traits, pathways, targets, and components.
By deducing the formulation structure backward, we create efficacious products that cater to the unique needs of every individual's skin.

Unraveling the Complexity: The network of traits

Taking the example of skin sensitivity, we delve deep into the world of network pharmacology.
By focusing on the skin's corneal barrier as the core target and studying other barriers as a matrix, we meticulously analyze the various layers of tissues, cells, and molecular biology.
This meticulous exploration has resulted in the identification of an astounding 14,703 targets solely associated with sensitivity, shedding light on the intricacy and a portrait of depth.

Embracing the Joy of Discovery:

While the vastness of the skin's ecology may seem overwhelming, joy blossoms in each stride, as knowledge we attain.
Beyond scientific tools, we keenly observe, humbly revere, ardently explore.
A portal to wonders untold, in a skincare world.
A path to unlock the boundless beauty, unfold.
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