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From SkinCare to SkinLove

1. Skinlove | Intimate Relationship

What makes long-lasting intimate relationships?

Miller & Perlman’s Intimate Relationships emphasize that “Relationships are more likely to prosper when our partners behave toward us in ways that encourage us to gradually become the people we want to be and promote the self-growth we seek.”

The key to sustainable love is GROWTH — both as individuals and as a couple.

When we let go of unrealistic expectations and pressures for changes, When we respect, understand, and appreciate ourselves and the people we love genuinely, the relationships flourish from care to love.

Just as our Essence Toner & Revitalizing Cream, being attentively and effectively responsive to your skin’s needs, We position “Regain” at the primary stage of our skin-care system and always looking to improve.

A good partner encourages you to grow.

A healthy relationship makes you better.

Skinlove is simply this


2. Skinlove | Nonviolent Communication

When you look at yourself in the mirror and see your skin’s emotional state, have you ever dug into yourself to hear your own deeper needs?

If your skin could talk, the dryness might whisper in your ear to tell you to nourish it soon. A little voice pipes up from dark circles around your eyes: “Maybe you had a sleep battle last night.” You would also probably find your skin can respond, repair, and renew itself.

Marshall B. Rosenberg told us in his book <Nonviolent Communication>: “The exaggeration of self-criticism prevents us from seeing the beauty we have within us.” Don’t blame yourself. Just pay heed to the signs and listen carefully when your skin is trying to speak to you. Understanding your skin involves the process of knowing yourself and the environment.

Our skin is like an ecosystem, It strives to maintain balance to stand the test of environmental change and time. It is ultimately about finding ways to take care of your skin, with respect and patience: to present yourself more energetically, resiliently, and beautifully by regaining health, rebuilding strength, and rejuvenating youth.

Looking beyond the skin surface, our revolutionary Ecological Formulation System is designed to address the multi-dimensional mechanisms that help skin grow and thrive. Using our core innovative R-complex™ technology (Replenish + Reactivate), we seek to tackle deeper underlying problems that impact overall skin health, in order to help our customers unlock the full potential of their skin.

Let us join you in your skincare journey to help bring out the best in you — today and always.

Skinlove is Simply This.

3. Skinlove | Love is visible

Love is visible not to the eyes, but to the heart.

O.Henry’s <The gift of the Magi> tells a story of a young husband and wife buying secret Christmas gifts for each other. Jim gives Della her present- a set of combs and he tells Della that he sold the watch to buy the combs. Della admits to Jim that she sold her hair to buy him the watch chain. While the gifts that Jim and Della gave each other cannot be used, they know how invaluable their love truly is!

True love itself may be invisible, but gifts could help to remind us how deeply the love is. While nutrition to the skin sometimes might not be perceptible by the eye, what’s visible could remind us of its efficacy.

SimplyThis’s “Skin Clarifying Micro Essence Toner” the magic of “Sky in a bottle”: nano-sized liposomes-encapsulated ceramides suspended in the emulsion as "micro-essences” (micro-emulsion technology) give the toner a hue of light sky blue.

With this magic, when you put in effort towards making your skin better, it will reciprocate with the same love for your skin.

Love is visible. Love is no need to hide.

Skinlove is Simply This.

4. Skinlove | Love & Courage

Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage”

Love is confidence and resilience. Love gives the courage to face the world of chaos. Because with this love, you know you are able to handle risky situations and sustain yourself against impossible odds when facing threatening situations.

Our skin also needs the courage to combat internal and external changes.

Just as our Collective Effect Repair Mask, it helps to rebuild resilience by enhancing skin immunity, reducing damage, and accelerating skin renewal processes.

With this love, you are emboldened and confident.

True love is there for you when you stumble and falter.

Skinlove is Simply This.

5. Skinlove | Plain but Shining

Love is like water, plain but still shimmering✨

If there’s a formula behind love, it must include dopamine and endorphins:

🧪Dopamine: light up your happiness with passion and bravery

🧪Endorphins: relieve your pain and stress to spark your joy

The biggest romance is not to make a pledge, but to keep falling in love with you as we grow older together ❤️

Applying our classic cream is like activating the button to switch time and space. Scooping the cream with a small golden spoon to pamper yourself. The warmth of the hand palm could turn the “ice cream”  into the magic of rejuvenation 🪄

Live ordinary everyday life in an extraordinary way 🔆

Skinlove is Simply This. This is great.

6. Skinlove | Love Insurance

<Delighting in rain on a Spring night>

Chinese Poet Du Fu

A good rain knows its season

And comes when spring is here

On the heels of the wind it slips secretly into the night

Silent and soft,it moistens everything

It struck a chord during the Covid-19 pandemic as so many of us ask why so many warnings went ignored.Humans are vulnerable to many cognitive biases that get in the way of us acting. We are prone to denial because our brains are trying to protect us from information that is overwhelming and allows us time to absorb it slowly.

🦏It is the Grey Rhino event that we can prevent and protect ourselves against through taking sufficient action. 💥The skin is dealing with the erosion of free radicals all the time. Slackening skin, fine lines, inflammation, pigmentation, oily and dullness. All of these must be dealt with immediately to repair the damage caused by oxidation.

🧴Our "Refining & Reactivating Serum" activate the skin's own antioxidant cycle with a proactive attitude to resist skin aging and oxidation risks.

The best way to resist risk is to make yourself stronger.

“Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.” ― Sigmund Freud

7. Skinlove | love to be evenly matched

📖 Shakespeare’s poem: “You say that you love the sun, but you find a shadow spot when the sun shines.

You say that you love the wind, but you close your windows when wind blows.

This is why I am afraid, you say that you love me too.”

🌹Love might begin with admiration. Sometimes it presents as roses with thorns, You get hurt when getting too close.

💞The premise of love is self-strength. The relationship of equal strength blooms all year round.

☀️While we enjoy sunshine, the skin is the shield against UV rays and light damage. Strengthen the skin barrier when roaming in the spring sunshine. This is the role of our Probiotic Revitalizing Soft Cream as "the summer white shirt of the skin" to make sure the skin itself is strong enough!

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