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2023 New York Fashion Week

In February 2023, we participated in our first live events of the year in New York City and Shanghai, concurrently. Our hearts and minds were refreshed as we reunited with old friends and met new faces. It was a great honor to celebrate the love for fashion & beauty, together with friends and a variety of wonderful brands across two continents.

Meticulously crafted in accordance with the ecological skincare philosophy, our products have been embraced by skincare experts from both cities with commendable feedback. Our classic Probiotic Cream and Resilient Body oil were highlighted for their enduring vigor in winter and exceptional skin feel.

Delighted to share Simply This' unique ecological skincare philosophy, we resonated with many that "The skin, as the largest human organ, exists as an autonomous and capable ecosystem".

Since always, "Harmony with Diversity" is what Simply This believes and practices. We take pride in amplifying Chinese skincare, in Shanghai, New York and beyond - before, now and in the future.

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